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Energy Savings

The cost of the Toastie Tush® can be recovered very quickly because it allows you to lower your thermostat in the entire house but not be chilled when nature calls. Spend pennies to save dollars! You’ll realize that dressing warmer in the house makes more sense and you’re not penalized on the toilet seat for keeping a cooler house. The power demand is lower than a low wattage porch light. The highest setting is 28 watts and the lowest is only 14 watts…as compared to a 40 or 60 watt lamp or porch light. Since the thermostat turns it on and off to maintain the desired setting, it doesn’t even use the full stated wattage for each setting. Pays for itself! Lower the whole-house thermostat to save energy and money, but don't freeze your ---- off:)

Toastie Tush® - You’ll never want to "go" without it™!!!

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