• “One of the very best purchases I have made. Easy to install, works beautifully. I have recommended this product to everyone, including postings on my Facebook page. Thank you Toastie Tush you are simply the best.” K.H. (2013, from Amazon.com)

  • “Hi! I just love this product after being given as a gift, and I have purchased them for all my other toilets. I love them so much I have now begun purchasing them as gifts for friends and family!! Thank you so much!!” A.A. (CA, 2013)

  • “clear installation instructions -the seller cares.” D.D. (2013, MA)

  • “I have bought three Toastie Tush Warmers, one for each of our bathrooms and one for the neighbors. We LOVE them! I saw some negative feedback from people claiming they didn’t last long. Well, we’ve had our first one in the neighborhood of three years now with not a problem. The second one, had two years, no problems. And the third one for the neighbors is one year. Again, no problems. I can only figure people are somehow abusing the product to have it not work. We continue to be thrilled, especially every winter. Hate to go to the bathroom anywhere but home or the neighbor’s now!” L.M. (2013, from Amazon.com)

  • “Hello, I in fact did order two elongated toastie tushes! The system did not allow to order multiple quantity at one time so I made the purchases separately. I moved recently and our last toastie tush was round and doesn’t fit for our new place, and we can’t live without it! I will be giving the second to a family member who just loved ours. I’d appreciate both being sent together! Thank you very much!” A.A. (CA, 2013)  [Now you can order multiples together]

  • “I love this seller! He has gone over and above on my behalf. He is very concerned about customer satisfaction. It’s refreshing to find a seller who really cares.” M.S. (2013, PA)

  • “Elderly (83) mother lives in a wooded area, she only heats her bedroom, not the bathroom. This toilet warmer has made all the difference in the world to her. She keeps it on the highest setting and LOVES it! The 7′ cord reaches around her bathroom vanity and we have it plugged into a gfi, so we’re not worried about it overheating. We highly recommend this item. She’s been using it about a month and is still raving about what a difference it makes for her.” A.I. (CA, 2013, from Amazon.com)

  • “Best Invention Ever…Followed the simple instructions, and works great. Best part heats seat and when raise lid back warmer too. i highly recommend over expensive heated toilet seats.” S. (2013, from Amazon.com)

  • “It works great…Works as intended, easy to install, and fast delivery from the seller. There are 3 control settings for heat. We haven’t even used the hottest setting yet and probably don’t need to. We have only had it a week and everyone who comes to my house says they are going to get one. So far, I’d suggest this product to anyone.” S. B. (2013, from Amazon.com)

  • “This WORKS! I have an old house and the bathroom is not only poorly insulated, but the toilet is right next to a window. Having to pee on those cold winter nights felt like a physical assault. Last winter I got the UltraTouch Heated Toilet Seat, but the heating mechanism was beginning to fail. I didn’t want to shell out another 80 bucks, so I tried this. At the highest setting it’s really warm. I’m actually turning it down and trying the lower settings. YAY!

    One year later and still wonderful. Everyone who visits loves it. AND my cat loves it too: She sleeps on the lid every night during the winter.” C. (RI, from Amazon.com)

  • “Excellent Seller! Great Communication!! B.D. (2013, NY)

  • “I have a toilet seat warmer in both of my bathrooms at home. When I travel I really miss the warmth. Took this with me to Alaska last winter and now everywhere I travel. I just love being spoiled with the warmest seat in the house (hotels).” L. (CA, 2013, from Amazon.com)

  • “Absolutely thrilled! Wonderful seller!” L.M. (MI, 2013)

  • “Hi, Just to let you know all is well. I have the converter and TT is doing its job. Toasty warm seat just in time as bad snow + cold winds back & it is freezing. Thank you again, am spreading the good word.” M.S. (SCOTLAND, 2013)

  • “Awesome Customer Service. Family loved the gift. Will order more in the future.” M.S. (MN, 2013)

  • “Friends, I just wanted to do a follow-up on our conversation regarding my purchase of your product for one of my wife’s Christmas presents back in early December. As she opened her “Gift” Christmas morning, everyone roared, thinking it was the best “Gag” gift ever. Little did they know that it would become a very usable and comfortable addition to our bathroom facilities…I enjoy it on a daily basis! As an architect, I will make sure I always install an electrical receptacle on the right side wall, adjacent to the toilet in all my future residential designs. Thanks to the folks at Toastie Tush!” J.L. (TX, 2013)

  • “Great product product my wife loves it it has made her very happy It is nice to see a good quality product.” K.F. (2013, from Amazon.com)

  • “Fast shipping” H.B. (NV, 2013)

  • “Good Morning! First of all, I want to express zeal for the company Zimple Zolutionz. I have exchanged a couple emails with them and found them to be a wonderful company with caring staff.

    About my situation: I live in a one bedroom apartment and ONLY heat a single room in my house. Kitchen, bathroom, and my actual bedroom are all set at 50 degrees. I have blankets nailed to the doors during the winter to conserve heat. That means my butt is FREEZING every time I have to go to the bathroom! I end up trying to sit on my hands for less of a shock. I secretly dread the electric jolt of a cold ass toilet seat.

    So, on to the product:


    It is a simple and affordable product.

    Things I love

    1) Super easy to install

    2) A variety of heat settings

    3) Good safety standards

    4) Designed to be always on

    5) The instructions are step by step with pictures

    6) Comes with little sticky hooks to hold the cord

    Things that could make the product better

    1) It one more heat setting between the 2nd and 3rd setting. I 2nd one isn’t warm enough to give you that “ahhhhh” feeling and the 3rd setting is ass burning.

    2) I would love to see a higher end design that might cost around 99 dollars. If zimple zolutionz could design one that installed on an existing toilet seat that looked a little less “heating pad” people might want to buy that too.

    Highly recommend for the cold toilet seat terrors! M.S. (2013, from Amazon.com)

  • “Omg best thing I have brought in a long time. Im 81/2 months pregnant and my body has been going through changes. I do not sit on any toilet because the cold makes me cringe. Therefore i stand and go, but now that i purchased toastie tush i dont mine that i go every 30 minutes. A tear falls everytime i have a seat on my throne. Thank you toastie tush.” C.M. (2013, CT)

  • “Simply the best for the cost, installation I absolutely love this product!” K.H. (CA, 2013)

    [Earlier comment/feedback from same person…] – “The reason is I woke up this morning and I decided I needed something because going to the bathroom, I used my hands on the seat. Then sat on my cold hands that were warmer than the seat. I decided as a present to myself I like my friend before me purchased a warmer for my Woman Thron. Thank you and I hope this is answer to my Tush’s comfort.” K.H. (CA, 2013)

  • “Dear Sirs, My girlfriend loves the Toastie Tush. She loves it so much that it is hard to get her out of the bathroom! I saw it advertised on the internet and decided to buy it, as the “seat” was tough to deal with in the morning. I think this may have clinched her into saying yes when I ask her to marry me. LOL. Thanks again.” B.R. (CT, 2013)

  • “Toastie warm with fast shipping.” W.P. (AZ, 2013)

  • “The toastietush seat warmer is working well……we have been having some cold weather and this particular bathroom has 2 walls facing the outside thus a room that is much cooler than the rest of the house……the toastietush is a great respite from the cold…..there is nothing like a warmed toilet seat!” P.A. (CT, 2013)

  • “We first bought a full heated toilet seat for about $140 and everyone in the family got spoiled. It is on the main floor but we have three other toilets in the house and didn’t want to pay that much for other ones. As you know, we bought 3 Toastie Tushes. They are absolutely great for the other toilets in the house and now everyone is happy to use their own bathrooms. Thanks for inventing it at a reasonable price!” J.R. (MN, 2013)

  • “My sister loves your product! Thank you so Much! C.F. (IA, 2013)

  • “I’ve bought a lot of items via Amazon, but I’ve never felt compelled to write about one until now. My wife had been complaining about how cold the seat was in our only bathroom for awhile, so romantic guy that I am, I sprang into action. I did a lot of research into heated toilet seats but found them all to be very expensive. Toasty Tush seemed like a reasonable alternative so I decided to give it a shot. I received my Toasty Tush within three days of ordering it and had it installed within five minutes of opening the box. My wife was very pleased with the “end” result. See what I did there? Ha! What I’m most pleased with, however, is the customer service from the makers of the product. Two days into loving our new Toasty Tush, there was a malfunction with the cord. I emailed the makers and described the problem. They got back to me right away (on a Sunday night!) and without blinking they said that they were sending me a new unit. They didn’t even make me ship back the faulty one! The new unit arrived within days and has been working perfectly. All in all, I couldn’t be happier with the product and the customer service. It’s nice to find a product that works, but it’s even nicer to find a company that stands by its product and bends over backwards to help its customers. Judging from the sighs coming from the bathroom these days I can say that this really has been the best purchase I’ve made in years.” K.B. (2013, from Amazon.com)

  • “My 92 yr old mother is very very happy with it. She used to dread sitting on the toilet and now it’s no problem. Thanks.” (L.F. AK 2013)

  • “I realized recently that if I didn’t like the cold seat in the Maine winter, then surely my wife and daughters must not either so I went looking for a heated seat. The others were expensive and/or didn’t have such great reviews. Then I came across this and thought “it’s a heating pad for the seat…that’s simple and a great idea…and it’s within my budget!” I bought mine from the manufacturer since I had questions (and it was actually a little cheaper I think). They replied quickly and were very helpful. So far we have kept it on the lowest setting which keeps it at the perfect temp (not cold, but you don’t notice extra warmth either). Pretty solidly built (compared to other things these days) though with four of us using it I imagine it will wear out eventually. Overall we’re very happy with it. You probably will be too. :)” T.J. (2013, from Amazon.com)

  • “I love this seller! He has gone over and above on my behalf. He is very concerned about customer satisfaction. It’s refreshing to find a seller who really cares.” (2013, from Amazon.com)

  • “Prompt and courteous service. Performed better than promised.” (2013, from Amazon.com)

  • “One word can describe the Toastie seat AWESOME,We all love it.in our family. Thanks for a great product that really works.” F.P. (2013, from Amazon.com)

  • “This product works great. I had a problem with the installation (completely my fault) and the customer service dept was prompt, professional, courteous and solved the problem quickly. I was very satisfied and would very highly recommend this product and the company that sells it.” D.S. (2013, from Amazon.com)

  • “Nothing like sitting down on a nice warm toilet seat! I have bought one foe each bathroom. People make fun when I first tell them what it is but after they use my bath room they come out singing a different tune it’s usually a big hit (after they use it)with everyone!!” R. (2013, from Amazon.com)

  • “Toastie warm with fast shipping.” (2013, from Amazon.com)

  • “I had been given a gift of the toastie tuch over a year ago and have enjoyed it very much. I wish I could take it on travels. I am purchasing this one for a gift. I wish I could afford to buy one for all my 3 daughters, I have a friend who inquired about it when I mentioned my use of it. She does not have a computer. Maybe I buy one for her next year, since my senior budget does not allow me to purchase too many. I searched the internet and found the site to order which I did. I certainly will recommend it among my friends. I just love it on these cold days, but I use it all year long. You are right, I never want to go without it! Thank you!” E.H. (CA, 2013)

  • “Simply the best for the cost, installation I absolutely love this product!” (2013, from Amazon.com)

  • “The seat warmer works fantastic. I bought the ToastieTush instead of an actual heated seat; because, I have a padded seat cushion. The wife wanted a padded seat for her comfort and was still cold in the winter time here in Colorado. I decided to try this seat warmer method; because, I could put it directly underneath the top lid and still use the padded seat. It works great. The instructions showed a recommended placement of the Velcro tabs. They have 5 placements around the middle of the seat warmer. I would recommend one more towards the front. The cord has a green light which shows it’s plugged in correctly. This adds a little light to the dark basement bathroom. Another benefit is that during the summer time, I can take it off. My wife not only gets to sit on a comfortable seat year round; she is also is warm in the winter months. Happy wife means Happy life. One last thing. I was contacted by ToastieTush via email before my order arrived. They wanted to let me know that if I had any troubles with their product, they would help me. They left both an email and a phone number to a live person. Not many companies would do that. Although I had absolutely no problems with the product, I felt better knowing I could get some help if needed.” J.H. (2013, from Amazon.com)

  • “Awesome Customer Service. Family loved the gift. Will order more in the future. Wonderful seller!” (2013, from Amazon.com)

  • “Absolutely thrilled!” (2013, from Amazon.com)

  • “Hi all, I just wanted to let you know I thank my lucky stars that Tom found you and your product. Our only bathroom is presently in a 55* basement and you have improved my life immensely. Best regards, The Mrs.” T.P. (CA, 2013)

  • “My Mom is 92 years old with Alzheimers and always complained whenever she sat down on the cold toilet seat. After I installed your “Toastie Tush”, whenever she sits now she immediately smiles and says “this is nice!”” P.(2013)

  • “Hi TT, I bought a second TT because it is nice to sit on a warm toilet seat in the middle of the night. I put the first one in the second bathroom for guests from ‘the City’ but enjoyed the comfort it provided so decided to get one for ‘our’ bathroom. It’s not a necessity but a ‘nicety’ – a comfort, esp in the Winter when things are cold (sort of.) Improvements… might include more velcro for secure attachment. I am using toilet lid cover which helps to ‘capture’ the edges of the warmer pad nicely but remember I was concerned about how it would stay in place at first. Drawback – adding /another/ electrical draw…. Advantage – comfort, no more cold toilet seat!! It’s nice. Thank you.” J. V. (2013)

  • “Hello! Yes, the Toastie Tush has become a Necessity! I bought the first one during the winter to ensure those late night “breaks” wouldn’t result in my squealing at the temperature of the toilet. But even though the weather has changed, the temperature of a porcelain toilet seat still remains below comfort level. So this product is a year round habit that I cannot break! And I have gotten many puzzled questions from friends after using my toilet…they usually emerge with a puzzled look on their faces, and then they ask, “Is your toilet seat heated?” When I answer yes, they shout in delight, “I love it!!” And because it is so inexpensive, I have purchased another one! I have an extended visit out of town coming up and I don’t think I can live without it! Thank you for making such a great product!” P.M. (2013)

  • “I sent it to my niece in Montana for Christmas. She needed an extension cord, but just loves the thing. It fits right in her unheated bathroom.” W.S. (2012, from Amazon.com)

  • “Dear toastie tush! I received your product yesterday and could not wait to use it. I live in an older home with drafty windows and there is one right next to the toilet. I always hate going to the toilet in the winter! I have tried other home made ideas like positioning a personal heater next to the toilet without much success. So I searched on Amazon for a toilet seat warmer and several products came up. Your product had more positive reviews and the price was what I wanted.

    My verdict: The toastie tushie works! I love it! I attached it right away even though the package says it might take 24 hours for the adhesive to stick. It was down in the 20’s that night so I couldn’t wait. Plus I have a toilet seat cover so that helps to hold it onto the seat back. It was easy to install and within an hour or two, I was satisfied. My toilet seat was no longer ice cold! Thank you soooooooo much!!!” P.B. (VA 2012)

  • “I love, love, love my Toastie Tush! I shared it on FaceBook and put a link to your site. This is the best Christmas present I ever gave myself! And even though my husband thought I was crazy, he loves it too. We have a sky lite over our toilet and the cold air was just dropping down making the seat cold. Never again! Thank you for your wonderful product!” C.W (PA 2012)

  • “My ninety one year mother’s tush is very happy.” G.L. (OR 2012)

  • ” I got it ! I am so thrilled.. I know it said wait for 24 hours to heat it up.. Ha ha.. Could not wait lol.. It’s wonderful.. It’s so cold in our bathroom that even at high setting it’s just barely warm, but compared to the ice cube it was before.. It’s Heaven! I can’t thank you enough for inventing it..and for a price just about anyone can afford.. I was jumping up and down when my husband brought it in 🙂 THANK YOU!!! And you have a very Merry Christmas!” J.B. (CANADA 2012)

  • “I love this product and so does my tooshie:)” W.S. (MA 2012)

  • “Very good delivery time. Package was perfect for the item. Have not used item yet, so I don’t have any comments on performance.” P.B. (DE 2012)

  • “Actually, we bought our first Toastie Tush a year ago. Love it. When we added a new bathroom, we had to have another Toastie Tush for that. Then, as we are the envy of our cold neighbors, we bought the third one as a Christmas gift for the neighbors. We LOVE it.” L.M. (MI 2012)

  • “You guys rock!” J.S. (NH 2012)

  • “We bought the first Toastie Tush for ourselves, as a Christmas present for ourselves. And we wouldn’t want to be without one now. And we find that friends and relatives get such a kick out of it, that we have ended up buying several more as Christmas gifts. We love it when some unsuspecting soul uses the bathroom, and we can here the “oh wow !!” as they experience the unique thrill of a warm and toastie toilet seat. It’s a fun gift to give – and worth a few laughs. A great project.” M.W. (NH 2012)

  • “My wife is absolutely delighted with the Toastie Tush. We use it in our boat, on both toilets, it is a simple solution that also has the sight benefit on keeping the humidity level in the toilet down. Both sizes were exact fits. Thank you. Regards” A.B. (MA 2012)

  • “Works great – easy installation – will be easy to uninstall in the summer (if needed) – wouldn’t want to be without it again.” J.M. (2012 MD)

  • “Dear ZZ, Thank you for my Toastie Tush! It is such an amazing product. We lu-lu-lu-LOVE it! I’ve certainly been spoiled – in the best way. I purchased one for mother dear, and another for myself. We frequently converse about how much we enjoy our Toastie Tushes. It’s true …We never want to “go” without it (and usually don’t). In response to your question: I did an internet search a few days after vaguely remembering something about toilet seat warmers being said on one of the morning TV talk shows. I thought to myself that would be a cool gift for mom’s birthday (Im so clever). So, I searched for “toilet seat warmer”. Compared to many others, my choice was clear. Your design is simple, practical, and reasonably priced. Set up was fast, easy and unobtrusive. Perfect! We are both extremely thrilled to have a Toastie Tush. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Sincerely, Y.M.” (CA 2012)

  • “I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my Toastie Tush! Best gift to myself in a long time. I am going to pass your site on to a few people. Who knows, maybe they will want a warm seat to sit on. Thanks so much.” B. B. (NC 2012)

  • “LOVE this! My husband turned off the warmer as it warmed up outside and it just wasn’t the same! I’m ready to turn it back on and it’s summer!” B.T. (CO 2012)

  • “Everything went smoothly, product was as described”. J.M. (NV 2012)

  • “Local Distributor did very well. Thank you.” S.P. (CO 2012)

  • “I bought the first one because we moved to Idaho and the master toilet’s on an outside wall. We have a second bathroom, mainly used by my husband, and he said he didn’t need one; however when nature calls, he’s on the toastie tush!! On occassion I’ll use the second bathroom and I don’t like the cold seat, even the few times I use it. I told him I was ordering another one and didn’t object this time.” J.J. (ID 2012)

  • “Installed yesterday and love it! Great service.” B.G. (AR 2012)

  • “I have never purchased anything so modest in cost, but so greatly appreciated by my wife as Toastie Tush. We live in northern Minnesota and have a split-entry house with our bedroom/bath in the lower level and the toilet gets chilly in the winter. But, Toastie Tush came to the rescue and I have been showered with, “Oh, honey, I love this warm toilet seat”countless times.” L.D. (MN 2012)

  • “Prompt delivery – no complaints.” B.T. (PA 2012)

  • “My wife fractured her tailbone, which was aggravated by the cold toilet seat. We searched Google for toilet seat warmers & your product came up on overstock.com; it was cheaper by several dollars but they were out of the style we needed. So far so good. She never wants to come out of the bathroom now.” R.K. (IN 2012)

  • “fast” A.W. (OH 2012)

  • “Received, correct size and Gram LOVES it. Thanks so much. She keeps telling all her friends about this great Christmas gift and I gave her the information for them on where to get when they ask where to get one since some showed interest themselves! Neat product. Thanks again!” L.R.(PA 2012)

  • “I bought it as a Christmas gift for my mother and she loved it. I will probably buy more for the rest of my family. A very clever invention!” L.B. (TX 2012)

  • “Great item. Works well. Hope it lasts for a long time.” E.V. (NY 2012)

  • “My mom loves the Toastie Tush. It solved our problem she was always complaining about sitting on the seat of the raise commode because it is so cold. Your product is the perfect solution. The seat is warm and it was easy to install. I found you by searching for toilet seat warmer. Thank you!” P.G. (NY 2012)

  • “Everyone should have one… I bought this for my husband at christmas time because he always complained about sitting on a cold toilet seat. Now everyone that comes to our house has loved it and is going to get one. Great item thank you.” C.M. (2011, from Amazon.com)

  • “The best seat warmer… My wife couldn’t be happier with this Great Seat Warmer. It does everthing we expected and is very easy to use.” D.S. (2011, from Amazon.com)

  • “Just reinstalled my cold morning butt saver, been working over 3 years thanks for the new stickies, still recommending this unit to new friends, cant beat it !!” D.G (TX 2011)

  • “I really love it (especially since being on Chemo!) Thank you.” M.L (IL 2011)

  • “Oh Baby! Now THIS is the way to survive a cold winter season in the mountains!!” N.D. (CA 2011)

  • “Easy set-up. Unbelievable bargain. Works like a champ! I leave the room at about 58-60 degrees and the unit stays very warm on middle setting.” D.P. (WA 2011)

  • “Very quick delivery, Wonderful product, my wife loves it.” D.S. (NM 2011)

  • “Last year I purchased my first Toastie Tush toilet seat warmer and it was the best thing I ever could have done for myself. I moved back to Washington State after living in Hawaii for 12 years, and my only requirement for this move was to find a toilet seat warmer for survival in the Northwest. While being snowed in last Thanksgiving for several days, I went on the internet looking for something that looked like it would work for me. In the meantime, I was using an old heating pad that worked great because it didn’t have an automatic shut off switch. I find in incomprehensible that most of the entire human race thinks it is normal to sit on a cold toilet seat. There is nothing normal about thinking you are supposed to suffer sitting on a cold toilet seat in this day and age.

    So after wasting my time finding several options that were very expensive, repetitive, or complex in style, I was overjoyed to find the web site for the Toastie Tush. I knew immediately that this was exactly what I was looking for and couldn’t order it fast enough. Within 48 hours I was amazed that it was delivered to my door, and it has been a happy day, every day, ever since. Added to that, the Toastie Tush couldn’t be easier to install.

    In the past year there hasn’t been a single visit to the bathroom that I haven’t smiled and been grateful for my warm toilet seat….even all through the summer. Anyone that uses my bathroom always comes out smiling, and always has something great to say about it. There is never a dread to use the bathroom no matter how cold it is at any time of the day or night.

    I have just purchased 2 more Toastie Tush’s for Christmas gifts. My 6 year old great-niece has been begging for one since I got mine, and my daughter has 3 girls who absolutely love it.

    I completely and highly recommend this product to everyone, without a single reservation to do so. The elderly seriously need it, children love it, and the adults will love it as much as I do. I will continue to order Toastie Tush’s for myself and others… it has truly been a lifesaver.

    Most Gratefully Yours, K.P. (WA 2011)

  • “It got here in good time, and was just as described. very pleased.” S.E. (OH 2011)

  • “An excellent gift item. Recipient was totally pleased.” B.H. (CA 2011)

  • “Very satisfied! Super-fast shipping. Thank you!” L.I. (HI 2011)

  • “Good seller.” D.E. (VA 2011)

  • “No problems.” C.C. (CA 2011)

  • “My dad asked me to get online and research heated toilet seats. My mom wanted one for Christmas and he doesn’t use the computer, so he relies on me! I saw lots of expensive heated toilet seats that had moderate reviews and seemed like a pain to deal with. I happened to see the Toastie Tush and it had great reviews, plus it just seemed more like a “common sense” product to me. I ordered it for my Dad and he gave it to my Mom on Christmas. He also gave her diamond earrings. Later that night, after he quickly installed it, my Mom said… “I really love the diamond earrings, but I think I may like the Toastie Tush better!” S.B. (AL 2010)

  • “I orderd this for my parents, and they love it! They live in an old drafty house and their bathroom is COLD! My dad quickly installed it and they couldn’t be happier!” M.B. (NC 2010)

  • “Ordered Monday, got it before Christmas, hooray!” M.B. (MN 2010)

  • “My husband was complaining about how cold the basement toilet seat was every morning. The Toastie Tush was the most affordable solution, and he loves it! Even our 2 year old daughter likes to go downstairs to “go” on the toastie tush!” K.B. (IA 2010)

  • “No troubles, fast delivery, I’m happy.” Z.L. (CA 2010)

  • “works great.” K.S. (IN 2010)

  • “Excellent seller to work with. Very helpful. And I LOVE having a warm seat. We keep our house about 46-48 degrees at night, and this thing REALLY works! Just remember to keep the lid down when not in use. Everyone should have this! Thankyou for inventing it.” S.B. (WI 2010)

  • “Awesome!!!” M.C. (NY 2010)

  • “Love it!” D.M. (CO 2010)

  • “This is our third product (one for each of the bathrooms where an outlet is nearby). The only complaint I have is with the small self adhesive “Velcro” patches. I have had to replace them with larger pieces since they all started to fall off the seat cover after some period of time.” T.H. (MI 2010)

  • “Just wanted to tell you YES I love it and YES it will be a necessity this winter! (I confess…I like it on ‘high’….). We’ve already dipped down into the 30’s at night it’s sure nice at 2:30 am!! We’re supposed to get our first snowstorm this weekend…so the ‘warm’ greeting in the morning will be oh-so-nice! Kudos for a great idea!!!” N.D. (CA 2010)

  • “Item as advertised – just great! I may buy a few others for all the guests who’ve commented on it!” S.M. (MA 2010)

  • “The only problem is keeping the grandkids out of my bathroom now. They love the warm seat, too!! M.K. (OR 2010)

  • “Cannot say enough good things about this product or the seller fantastic trust them to the fullest” T.D. (NM 2010)

  • (Australia)”We have received both the toastie tushies & love love love them. We got transformers from an online store in Aus which were very simple, just plug the toastie tush into the transformer & then plug the transformer into the wall. It’s so easy because we just leave it on all the time, that’s actually the reason for the late reply, the only time I remember to email you is when I use it and I’m not usually near my computer then haha. So many friends have asked where to get them but the price is a bit high considering the postage is around $30 & the transformer cost us $45. We think it was more than worth it! My just turned 3 year old thinks it’s all just for her and has finally learned to put the seat down after a few cold shocks. Only problem is that now when we go out she’s quite offended that everyone else doesn’t have heated toilet seats lol. We have not had one wet bed incident since we started using the tushie. Thank-you so much, I will continue to recommend you, but as I said with the cost of postage & the transformer most people feel it’s too pricey. We couldn’t go without it now!” L (AUSTRALIA 2010)

  • “My husband wanted a heated toilet seat for Christmas. I looked all around and read a lot of reviews. And this was the best I could find with out spending a fortune. My husband loved it and he still loves it! It works great and ladies if you want the seat lowered for you, this is the way. You have to make sure the seat is down for it to work, I solved two problems with one gift. And the best part, I love it too. No more cold toilet seats. TOASTIE!” S.A. (WA 2010)

  • “My 97 year old mom was always uncomfortable in the bathroom at night, complaining “It’s so cold, it’s so cold” over and over again, with a little quiver in her voice. You could tell how much she was suffering! Now I hear her saying, ” It’s hot! How nice. It’s really warm now”. Very easy to install and use. Definitely a worthwhile purchase!” D.H. (NY 2010) “Hello, Just received the ToastieTush and it’s working great! A very quick and easy installation. I heard about your product just browsing through Amazon and I’m really glad I did. Looking forward to much use this winter! Take care!” D.S. (AK 2010))

  • “My wife and I live in northern MN and she has complained for years about getting up in the middle of the night and having to sit on a cold toilet seat to do her duties (our house temp drops to 60 when we sleep!). So, when I found your product at a reasonable price I decided to give it a try. I’m happy to say it was very easy to install and I like the choice of three settings depending on how warm you want your seat to be (no pun intended). Last night was the first time she used it and so far…so good! I think she gets a kick out of the name of your product as well.” L.D. (MN 2010)

  • “I would like to order another Toastie Tush for my daughter. Her family is thrilled with the one they got for xmas and now want one for valentines day, can you pull that off? Or close to it? Thanks so much!” J.S. (TX 2010)

  • “Really is a great product, great price too! Easy to install, keep your perfectly good seat, three settings. Fast priority mail delivery. Can’t think of anything we don’t like.” J. L. (WI 2010)

  • “This product does keep your tush toastie. As long as you remember to put the seat down. My parents do not heat their bathroom and whenever I visit, I dread having to sit down. It is soo cold in there. I bought this as a gift and we all love it. It warms the seat nicely. S.S. (OH 2010)

  • “I just love your product. You have made my daughter and I very happy. I found you by searching for toilet seat warmers and your product was listed via Amazon. I shop at Amazon and trust their service.” D (CA 2010)

  • “Thank you for inventing and making it for all of us.” M (NY 2010)

  • “Very quickly shipped, excellent item!!” W.C. (MO 2010)

  • “This product really made my husband happy. He just wanted a warm seat and now he has it. It’s a unique way to solve a basic problem without paying hundreds. It’s not a joke gift and you can take it with you when you travel. Would definitely recommend.” S.E. (WA 2010)

  • “Excellent product, good price, and very fast delivery.” A.O. (IL 2010)

  • “In theory I prefer your approach (an add-on, rather than seat replacement), so I chose yours over the others. I like the thermostat/adjustable setting. Will be easy to remove during summer if we want. We heat only with wood, no other furnace (western Oregon), and usually only heat about half our house, not including the bathroom. I don’t really care about the frigid toilet seat – but my wife does, so this will make her happy.” E.L. (OR 2010)

  • “I purchased the ToastieTush for my parents as an early Christmas present. They curtain off part of their home to keep the heat in the kitchen/living room area; it saves energy but leaves sitting in the bathroom an ‘exhilarating’ experience. They installed the ToastieTush this week and have expressed non stop gratitude ever since. It was easy to install, has temperature settings so it can be adjusted to personal preference, and has made the long NH winters a bit more bearable. I received a friendly hello email shortly after ordering, and the package arrived in record time. A pleasant experience for giver and receiver.” K.D. (MA 2010)

  • “Hello, Just received the Toastie Tush and it’s working great! A very quick and easy installation. I heard about your product just browsing through Amazon and I’m really glad I did. Looking forward to much use this winter! Take care!” D.S.with a Toastie Tush in Alaska (AK 2010)

  • “Hello, Just days before her birthday my daughter was complaining about the cold spell they were having in Florida and remarked that when she was rich and famous the first thing she wanted was a heated toilet seat. I wanted to surprise her with one but was appalled at the prices of conventional models so I was glad to find your product. Her remark upon receiving her Toastie Tush was, “I must be rich and famous!” Thank you for adding to the fun (and comfort) of her birthday.” C (FL 2009)

  • “Really, I thought this thing you mentioned was a crazy concept…at first. We installed the Toastie Tush the day we received it. As a person who suffers from Crohns Disease I deal with many challenges. This has really helped make my life more comfortable.” Sincerely, J.P. (CO 2009)

  • “Dear Toastie Tush, Our bathroom is kind of chilly and my wife complains about the seat. I have been looking at heated seats. I searched on amazon.com and found your product and thought it would meet our needs. I will let you know how it is after I receive it.” R (PA).

    “Received the warmer very quickly and we love it. Today my wife told me it’s one of the best things I ever bought!” R (PA 2009)

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  • “I don’t care about the cord anymore. I love the warmth and now I don’t want to go without it.” J (CO 2009)

  • “Thanks for the great communication! I am getting this for my 19 yr old son for xmas. Yes it was one of the things on his Xmas list????? weird boy. You know those boys spend a lot of time sitting in the bathroom and I don’t want to know any details:) Thanks, M.J. (NJ 2009)

    PS. I can’t wait until his brothers and sister see the “Toastie Tush” at xmas. I am sure it will be the entertainment!”

  • “Coffee and the Toastie Tush start the morning off right! I look forward to it.” M (CO 2009)

  • “Hi there our American cousins!

    My bottom is not so sensitive but my mother has Alzheimer’s and getting her to be warm, secure and comfortable in every situation is a big factor in getting through our daily routines with a minimum of fuss and upset. Toiletting is a project sometimes and often she looks at that toilet seat and says “I don’t want to sit on that. It’s cold!” Winter’s coming and that’s not going to make things better… so I was searching the web for something that would. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    In the meantime, because this is probably an issue for lots of Alzheimer care-givers you might want to contact the people at the Alzheimer’s Store (1-800-752-3238 or alzstore.com).” M (CANADA 2009)

  • “My mom LOVES it!” B (CO 2009)

Toastie Tush® – You’ll never want to “go” without it™!!!