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Toastie Tush – Round





Toilet seat warming pad for Round toilet seats

  • Special heating pad easily attaches to underside of existing toilet seat lid.
  • Transfers warmth to the seat when lid is closed (you do not sit on the pad).
  • Safe: Tested to UL & CSA standards. Has its own GFCI plug & 8 ft cord.
  • Easy to clean: Waterproof vinyl.
  • 3 warmth settings. Only 14 to 28 watts power usage.

A heating pad that easily attaches to the underside of any existing round toilet seat lid and warms to the comfort of the owner when the lid is down. There’s no reason to ever be chilled on a cold toilet seat again! Leave it on all of the time for pennies a day. Allows you to lower your home thermostat and save energy without loss of comfort. Safe: Tested to UL & CSA standards. Easily wipes clean with water. Take it with you on trips. Never go without it. Has three settings. Great hardware for your software. Entices the man in the house to lower the lid too! (Check out video on Toastie Tush or YouTube sites: Search for Toastie Tush). Attaches to underside of lid easily and you can’t see it with lid closed. You can still use a decorative cover on the lid.


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